About Us


Nutrivet Farmcare Pvt. Ltd discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock farmers.

Nutrivet is much more than the sum of its parts. Our sales organizations, R&D specialists and manufacturing network are the cornerstones of our new company and are supported by a world-class team. We all work together with a common purpose, sharing knowledge and resources, for the best interest of our customers, colleagues and shareholders.

Our vision

Our products, services and people will be the most valued by animal health customers around the world.


  Our Mission

We build on a decade history and singular focus on animal health to bring customers quality products, services and a commitment to their businesses.

Customer Policy

We strive every day to put our customers first because when they thrive, we all benefit.

Leading the way are Nutrivet field representatives, who develop beneficial business relationships with customers that endure for years. These relationships are supported by the technical and veterinary specialists who provide in-depth technical expertise and disease education. By having an on-the-ground presence, Nutrivet can react quickly to local-market needs and be well positioned to help our customers continually increase their business productivity and sustain long-term success.   


The quality verdict at NUTRIVET is a parlance that is beyond any competition. NUTRIVET manufactures its high quality animal health products in world class manufacturing facility that has been set up meeting stringent guidelines of any regulatory body including World Health Organization.

The manufacturing site is well connected with excellent roads and has most reliable transportation mechanism to sea port, airport and all major cities across India. The environment is clean and hygienic and has no air or water pollution. Morever skilled and well trained manpower resources are adequately poised to overcome any of unforeseen challenges in production and quality.


Our products are available throughout India in Vet shops and Veterinary clinics

All our finished products are stored under secure conditions in an automated, computer-controlled, high-rise warehouse. The warehouse is temperature and humidity monitored.

All shipments are individually monitored at departure from the Regional Distribution Center until final proof-of-delivery at the destination with web-based tracking. Our transport solutions are partnered with the most reputable first class logistic carriers who hold the same high-quality standards and provide end-to-end logistics solutions.